Dr Delores M WaltersAs a consultant on diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency, Dr. Walters’s work for decades has involved community and academic settings. She earned a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology from New York University after conducting field research among an African-identified group in Yemen in the mid 1980s. Subsequently, she produced articles and a film on the promotion of health care and social inclusion by Yemeni female primary health workers, which was completed in 1999. She also holds a Masters degree in Liberal Studies (also from NYU) and undergraduate degrees in Biology (from CCNY) and Nursing (from Columbia University).

Research on the life of Margaret Garner, the enslaved 19th century woman who is the thematic center of Walters’s co-edited book, Gendered Resistance, began more than a decade ago while she directed a family/local history-training program at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati and taught at Northern Kentucky University. Invited to become a member of the Margaret Garner opera Steering Committee, she captivated traditional and non-traditional opera-goers in several cities by her introduction to the historical Margaret Garner.