Community Service Projects & Workshops


  • Directed an arts & education pilot project to restore historical/cultural knowledge of Rhode Islanders of African descent, funded by the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities
  • Directed a Ford Foundation-funded project to diversify a national network of women’s research, policy and advocacy centers
  • Spearheaded “Toni Morrison Tribute to Ida B. Wells biographer Paula Giddings
  • Initiated NCRW fundraiser dinner with Angelique Kidjo, singer from Benin
  • Co-chair with Gloria Steinem and Joanne Shenandoah of Matilda Joslyn Gage (women’s suffragist, abolitionist) Fundraising Campaign


  • Workshop for Pre-trial officers in Kentucky for Kentucky Pretrial Services: 30th Anniversary & Conference, created, facilitated sensitivity training
  • Consultant, Diversity curriculum for police officers in Rhode Island
  • Symposium co-organizer, Miami U. and the Freedom Center: “Gendered Resistance: Women Opposing Sexual and Economic Subjugation in Global, Historical and Contemporary Contexts”
  • Consultant, Conducted oral histories of Brooklyn residents on early African American history and possible Underground Railroad sites for AKRF, Inc. Environmental and Planning Consultants, New York City
  • Advisor, Margaret Garner Opera Steering Committee at Cincinnati Opera & The Year of Margaret Garner at the New York City Opera: Implemented community dialogues on the historical, anthropological and fictionalized versions of this true story
  • Advisor for students who revised tour narratives and public education programs to include history of African Americans, Native Americans, and other ethnic groups at the Dinsmore Homestead, 1840s plantation in Boone County, KY
  • Consultant, Sickle Cell Research Project: Collected and analyzed racial/ ethnic data in the screening of newborns for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Consultant, Expert testimony in successful asylum cases of Yemenis seeking healthcare or escape from domestic violence


  • Advisor for students in community service classes at Colgate University who created, evaluated and revised a web site that provided cultural sensitivity guidelines for St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Utica, NY, used for ten years after transfer to St. E’s 

Partners, Clients & Sponsors

Brown University, Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice;

Center for the Study of Race in America

U Mass, Dartmouth, NEH sponsored Workshops for school teachers

New Bedford Historical Society;

Africana Studies, Multicultural Center, URI

Rhode Island Council for the Humanities


Bristol CC