Previous Speaking Engagements

Margaret Garner and Gendered Resistance


Margaret Garner’s Legacy: Teaching about Women’s Resistance to Slavery, for “Sailing to Freedom:  New Bedford and the Underground Railroad” National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Workshops for Teachers

Historic Remedies: Empowering Health Professions Students and Underserved Communities Using Lessons from the Past, poster session, based on Gendered Resistance publication, National AHEC Organization (NAO) annual meeting, Charlotte, NC 

Women’s Resistance: What the Legacy of Margaret Garner Teaches Us Today, Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice, Brown University; New Bedford Historical Society; Africana Studies, URI


  • Keynote: “Margaret Garner: A Community Conversation,” Chicago Foundation for Women, DuSable African American Museum
  • “Margaret Garner: Freedom, Slavery & Humanity,” NYC Opera, Nyack Library
  • Visions of the ‘Other’ in the “African Venus” sculpture of Charles Cordier, (1827-1905),” Gallery Talk, Rhode Island School of Design Museum,

Keynote Address: The Narrative Arc of Margaret Garner & Beyond, Underground Railroad Conference, Albany, NY

Learning from the Legacy of Women’s Resistance to Slavery: Why Northern Slavery Cannot be Ignored, Bristol Community College; Durfee High School; University of Rhode Island & Rhode Island Black Heritage Society

The Year of Margaret Garner,” New York City Opera, panelist, the New York Historical Society; Tenafly High School, April NJ; Apollo Theater, NYC


Teaching about Race from the Sub-fields of Anthropology [Applied Anthropological Perspective] Invited Panel, American Anthropological Association, San Jose, CA

The Margaret Garner Story: Why is it Important for Today?” Murry Bergtraum High School, NYC; Northern Kentucky University Elderhostel

Re(dis)covering and Recreating the Cultural Milieu of Margaret Garner, Oral History Association (OHA), Providence, RI; Gendered Resistance Conference, Miami University & the Freedom Center

Researching the Margaret Garner Story: Discovering the Motivations for Women’s Liberation, American Association for State and Local History, Pittsburgh; Margaret Garner Institute on Slavery and Resistance, Freedom Center

Runaways in Kentucky: Impacts on Michigan, “Slavery, Resistance & Freedom Underground Railroad Symposium, First Congregational Church of Detroit

When Sorrow Clouds the Mind: Margaret Garner in Interdisciplinary Perspective, Association for Psychoanalytic Thought, Freedom Center

The Role of Fiction in Recreating the Cultural Milieu of Margaret Garner, Toni Morrison Society, Cincinnati

Recreating the Cultural Milieu of Margaret Garner, Central States Anthropological Society, Oxford, OH,

Gender Stereotypes, the African American Family and the Margaret Garner Story, Hebrew Union College-University of Cincinnati Ethics Center

Margaret Garner, Salmon P. Chase and the Underground Railroad, Steely & Chase Law Libraries, to launch exhibit “A Beacon on the River,” NKU

The Margaret Garner Story: Fact & Fiction, for “Behind the Scenes in the Arts” class, University of Cincinnati


Where Ethnography Meets History: Multiple Approaches to Interpreting the Margaret Garner (‘Beloved’) Story; Borderlands Conference; History Day at NKU; Cincinnati Public Library; American Ethnological Society Conference, Providence, RI


Family/ Local History/ Underground Railroad:


Serving the Community Through UGRR Research, Presentation for students and faculty to launch a year-long service learning initiative at Nazareth College, Rochester, NY

How Do I Start My Family History Research? Maysville Community & Technical College, Kentucky, Apr 2005; River Road African American Museum, Donaldsonville, LA, Juneteenth Celebration

Inspirations for Spring 2005, Keynote for Advocates for Youth Education Scholarships Awards Luncheon

Applications of Cultural Anthropology in Historical Contexts, for Anthropology Careers Day, Northern Kentucky University

Shhh! We Don’t Talk About That: Family Secrets in Genealogy, Baton Rouge, LA


Students, the Community and Underground Railroad Research, University of Toledo, Training for the docents at the Freedom Center

Involving Students and the Community in Local Underground Railroad Research, SUNY Potsdam; Anthropologists and Sociologists of Kentucky

Researching the UGRR in the Ohio-Kentucky Borderlands: Historical & Anthropological Approaches,” The Underground Railroad Movement & Context, Albany, NY,

Integrating UGRR History and Culture in the College Curriculum,” UGRR Family Reunion, Phila, PA

Rebels, Runaways and Researchers: Routes to Freedom in Central New York, on the sculpted “faces” discovered in a church basement’s possible UGRR site in Syracuse, NY at Colgate University


Yemen & The Middle East:


“Race, Gender & Mobility: Transition or Intransigence in the Social Hierarchy of Yemen?” session title: “Hierarchies of Difference: Historical Perspectives on Local, National, and Transnational Identity Formation and Inequalities in the Middle East,” American Anthropological Association, Washington, DC

Discussant: “Migrations of Race: Relocations and Identities in the Middle East,” Panel at the American Ethnological Society Conference, Providence, RI


Invisible Survivors: Women Transforming Health Care and Social Relations in Yemen, Syracuse, NY.

Invisible Survivors: Women, Diversity and Transition in Yemen,” Middle East Studies Association (MESA), Providence, RI

Female Primary Health Care Workers in Yemen: A Solution to Racial/Ethnic Inequality? Conference on Remedies to Racial and Ethnic Economic Inequality, the Hubert Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota,

Yemeni Women in Community Development: A Comparative Perspective on Primary Health Care Workers in the Tihamah,” American Institute for Yemeni Studies

Women and Social Transformations: The Interrelation of Social Status, Race and Gender,” Conference: Racial & Ethnic Economic Inequality, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Strategies for Teaching about Race and Gender,” Association for Feminist Anthropology and Association of Black Anthropologists Association

Constructing Women’s Identities in Yemen: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Community Development, Health Promoters Women’s Group, Baltimore; Feminist Challenges to the Curriculum class; Research on Women Study Group, Towson State University

International/Local Community Perspectives on Women and Development, the World on Wednesday Series at the University of the Pacific

Common Grounds: Multicultural and Multiracial Perspectives on Women’s Work & Survival, Dartmouth College

Cultural Development Patterns in Yemen: The Interrelation of Social Status, Race and Gender, School of Oriental and Asian Studies (SOAS) & (AIYS), in memory of Leigh Douglas, London

Fieldwork in Yemen: Preparation and Process, NYU


Faculty Recruitment & Retention


Emerging and Intersecting Empowerment Strategies Among Faculty of Color at The University of Rhode Island, Keeping Our Faculty of Color Symposium, University of Minnesota